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I see

who you are


My name is Flora Douville

I help creative and sensitive people
understand their core personality
and dress accordingly.

To do that I created a process called
La Méta®—a unique and
revolutionary anti-image consulting method.

Your body describes your personality in a subtle and symbolic language.

My mission is to teach you this language.

Are you ready?

Rich Litvin

— Rich Litvin
Author of The Prosperous Coach and 4PC Founder

I asked to have Flora work with me a little more. I was hooked!

At my last intensive I intended to spend a few minutes observing Flora’s mini workshop in order to get around to all three that were happening at the same time. But as those of you who were with me know—I couldn’t leave! What she was teaching was fascinating.

Two days later she was at my house to work with my wife Monique, so I asked their permission to sit in. And when they said yes, I asked to have Flora work with me a little more. I was hooked!

Well, I can now say I’ve been Flora’d! And I highly recommend it. If you have an opportunity to experience some of Flora’s magic—jump at the chance!

I am French and so is my whole body of work — until now.


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My thing

The process I created

We were taught that we have strengths and weaknesses. And we grew up to believe that we’re good at some things, and not so good at others. And then we spend a lot of our energy trying to be better at the things we are not so good at.

What if they were no weaknesses? What if there was just the way you are, and the idea of a weakness was just a story to cover up what’s not working in your life?

I’ve created a system that helps you identify your personal energy profile. I’ve observed that when we understand how we work and how others work, understanding creates connection. Understanding creates acceptance and understanding creates peace.

I’ve discovered that there are 4 basic energies: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Your personal profile is a subtle combination of these 4 energies that gives you specific strengths, characteristics, gifts and abilities that determine your way of showing up in the world.

When we don’t know that about ourselves, we may try to fight it like hell. Some people spend their entire life trying to wipe out what makes them THEM.

When you are aligned with your real essence, your energy is more palpable, it flows and you can access your own greatness. Which allows you to be the person you want to be in the world and do the things that you may just be dreaming about at this point, because you’re trapped in energy that isn’t fully yours.

You are made with energies and you actually wrap yourself in energy everyday: your clothes. Your clothes are made with fabric — which are made of the same energies as we are: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. But fabrics are visible and palpable.

When you align the colours, textures and shapes of your clothing with your own energy, it not only allows it to flow freely, but it amplifies it and gives you access to the core of who you are.


Listen to my podcast with Lian Brook-Tyler on Primal Happiness:


How to discover, honour and expressyour uniqueness


Are you one of my people?

My clients are creative and sensitive people who somehow know they’re different. They are artists, coaches, producers, philanthropists, spiritual teachers, adventurers, TV hosts — they are high-achievers who want to leave the world in a better condition than they found it. They have a strong vision. They empower people by helping them get to the core of who they are and what they want in life.

Yet they feel resentment (and then guilt) towards the people they love most (partner, family, friends), as they feel not understood fully by them, and towards themselves for not being able to experience a deep connection with them. And because their relationships with themselves and with their loved ones are not ideal they start losing confidence — or even faith — that they could have it so much better.

They also feel angry at themselves for not being able to make their business as successful and/or fulfilling as they wish it was but their anger and frustration has them push harder in the same direction when they should take another one — the question is, which one? At some point they will consider throwing in the towel on their business or life projects, thinking they will never be able to make it work the way they wanted, feeling miserable and stuck.

I support them in their mission and life projects as I deeply relate to their wanting to change the world. Now how do I help them? My own power is to precisely identify the complex mix of energies in a person — and to be able to have them experience, feel and understand it.

As a result of our work, my clients start owning their very personal way of being, allowing them to fully understand their gifts and implement them in all areas of their life. They start living a life according to their standards instead of trying hard to fit in.

To put it simply, I spend a day in people’s bedrooms and their entire life changes.

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Mentor and Life Coach at Live Your Great Big Life

— Dawn Armstrong
aka Possibility Ninja, Mentor and Life Coach at Live Your Great Big Life

Feels fucking incredible. Flora has been a gift.

One of the biggest insights (teary grateful and fucking powerful) is from her essence, expertise and brilliance along with her consistent reminders that being squirrely is one of my super powers. To fully own my spontaneity, inconsistency, randomness and scatterbrain. Transparent, planting seeds all over the place and not attached to the outcomes. Flora has supported me to say it out loud, offered a lot of distinctions in my doing/being, in how tos around relationships and business and what matters most – to fully be it and embody it.

Flora has been a gift. I decided to play full out in the clothes. I am wearing the Spring colours and airy fabrics I had (same outfit for days sometimes!!), I AM FREE. And, while I’ve known and experienced people being attracted to my energy, it is even more so now. Friends and clients have moved chairs to be in my view, people have literally come around from behind me in public places to look at my face. Flora told me this is to be expected, as the clothes you wear, if matched with you, will have people drawn to your face, to really connect with you. It’s for real life.

Almost immediately I gave myself permission to be all over the place, I stopped trying to be consistent and focused. I have been playing full out here, randomly, scattered and generally going with the I don’t know, let’s see how it goes and what I see/feel, flow (MY ZONE!). In EVERY aspect of my life. It’s had a major impact in my business. I am in wild flow now.

Feels fucking incredible. Random. Inconsistent. Scattered selections. All over the place. Just like me.


Who I am

and how I can help you

I am a hybrid of an artist, an intuitive and a mystic, plus a personal coach and a professional consultant. I am also the author of « Reveal yourself — your wardrobe can change your life ».

I know how to successfully navigate the business world and the far more complex world of relationships—personal and professional.

But more than that I have developed a series of extraordinary tools and a proprietary process that will help YOU do the same.

But I wasn’t born that way! I struggled with my clothing and my relationships — both with myself and the others — during my entire childhood and teenage years. At some point I even believed I hated people — when I only hated the way I related to them.

Understanding who I was and how different I could be from the others was a relief that changed my entire life:

• I went from thinking my family was dysfunctional and in need of a deep group therapy to loving each member for who they are and enjoying each moment spent with them;

• I went from judging me and wishing I was different to deeply accepting who I am and stopping trying to be somebody I am not;

• I went from thinking I was weak on many levels to accepting and loving my unique gifts and finding a successful way to leverage them.

Now I am an expert at teaching you to feel the different layers of your personality — who you are and how you show up in the world. I can help you get back to your essence, put more of YOU in your life, business and relationships, and I will match your energy to the right clothing to have you feel invincible in your everyday life.

So if you are looking for a guide to help you feel, be and express your real self in all areas of your life, reach out.

Founder of Wolf Connection

— Teo Alfero
CEO and Founder of Wolf Connection

You owe it to yourself.

Today I treated myself to a 4 hour session with Flora… she really brought a new layer of awareness into my life… Truly wonderful work that had me throwing away half of my closet by the end of the day 🙂

Right after that she spent another 4 hours with 10 members of my team and it was deeply impactful for every single one of them as well!

If you haven’t had the chance to work with her, you owe it to yourself.

Let’s stay in touch.


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It will happen in the next months!